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Our New Contact Details are:
Address: 105 Cecil Street #22-00 The Octagon Suite 2209 Singapore 069534
Telephone: 6223 1929 / 9389 1547
Fax: 6223 1596

Motor accidents is our specialty. We do third-party insurance claims and recoveries of debts relating to vehicle damage.

If you claim trial, we defend you. If you plead guilty, we mitigate and help you get a lighter sentence. All offences.

Banged by a car? Get more than an apology. We help you claim money from the third-party insurer.

We handle contested and uncontested divorces. For Plaintiff or Defendant, wives or husbands.

Leagle Sense

At Leagle Sense LLC, we know you are in a situation where you need to use the law to get what you want or to protect yourselves. In order to be that way, you need a guide whom you can trust and who can make sense of the law for you. The problem is not knowing who to choose, which makes you feel hesitant.

We believe that you shouldn’t entrust your case to someone you don’t know. We understand this feels like taking a risk with your money. That’s why we share our knowledge and our statistics on this website, so that you can assess whether we are a right fit.

Here’s how it works. Call us and fix an appointment.

Then go back and decide if we are right for you before you sign any papers.

So, don’t let your case go cold. Take action now and stop feeling restless about your case and deciding who to choose to handle it. Start having peace of mind that your case is in secure hands.